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Radon can be a health risk in ordinary workplaces

Workplace radon is a so-called “inert" gas that emits ionising radiation, which means that radon is radioactive. Therefore it is also a potent risk. Ionising radiation can cause damage to cells, which in turn leads to illnesses such as cancer. Lung cancer is the most common form of cancer that can be caused by radon. Radon gas is an element…
David Hällström
December 14, 2018

Radonova’s radon measurements get top marks from Europe’s leading radiation protection body

Radonova Laboratories has achieved excellent results in reference tests. The reference tests was finally conducted by the German Federal Office For Radiation Protection (Bundesamt für Strahlenschutz - BfS). Comparative tests of four different radon samples show us that Radonova's results in all cases differ. This with less than ten percent from the respective reference value. The BfS is Europe’s leading…
Karl Nilsson
November 2, 2018

Radon Workshop – Radonova’s measurement expert attends IAEA meeting

Radon issues call for international coordination As part of the work of improving coordination and contributing to more uniform processes for analysing and measuring radon, the IAEA recently organised a radon workshop in Sarajevo. José-Luis Gutiérrez Villanueva from the Swedish company Radonova was present as a specialist in radon measurement. We put some questions to José-Luis, who is one of Europe’s leading…
Karl Nilsson
October 19, 2018

Global study confirms the harmful effects of radon

Global study confirms the harmful effects of radon A study based on data from 66 countries and presented in Environmental Health Studies (EHP) confirms that there is a clear link between exposure to radon and the risk of lung cancer. Updated data from 2012 show that around 226,000 people died that year from radon-related lung cancer. That means that about…
Karl Nilsson
October 8, 2018

Radonova launches new web application

Radonova launches new web application Information in real time and a completely new interface Radonova Laboratories is launching a new version of its web application for customers and partners – RadOnline. The new web application has a completely new and intuitive user interface. It gives users secure access to reports, measurement jobs and other data, all updated in real time.…
Karl Nilsson
October 1, 2018
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Buildings and radon

It is important to measure radon regardless of where you live There are many radon maps that classify areas according to their radon exposure. Consequently, many people do not measure radon because they think they live in a radon-free area, but that is wrong. Radon exposure affects almost all people and considerable local differences can exist within the residential areas.…

Matrasses have high levels of radon gas in Korea

A recent news published in a Korean newspaper has drawn international attention: bed matrasses may be a source of radon gas The radioactive Korean matrasses In May 2018, the Korean government confirmed high levels of radon gas exhalation in some beds. Due to that, some beds could be a source of radon gas. Are matrasses dangerous? First investigations found out…