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We have several types of radon detectors for different applications. We measure radon in homes, workplaces, schools, mines and more.



We measure caesium in reindeer meat, fish, game, berries, fungi and other food. Our measurement system is one of the world’s most efficient.


Low radon

Our Rapidos® High-Sensitivity Radon Test kit allows measurement of radon levels from as low as 5 Bq/m3 over a two month measurement period.



Our Radon dosimetry service is used in mines and other NORM activities such as hydroelectric and water treatment plants.

Innovation and Quality

Radonova offers advanced measurement of radon, thoron and caesium all over the world. Our measuring methods are accredited to several national and international standards for example ISO 11665-4. Using our ISO 17025 accredited system we establish the correct management and technical requirements to achieve accurate results for our customers.

With our modern laboratory in Uppsala, Sweden, and customers in more than 50 countries we are the global leader in radon measurement. The company employs circa 25 people that are working within production, analysis, sales, support and R&D. Our goal is to exceed our clients expectations on every occasion.

Our measurement service, which includes Radtrak2®, Rapidos® and Duotrak® detectors can be applied to dwellings, multifamily homes, workplaces, mines and wherever radon gas poses a health threat. To many countries we also supply detectors for survey and mapping in connection to national radon action plans. By choosing our laboratory, you can always be sure you receive reliable results and high quality measurements.

Radonova, formerly Landauer Nordic AB and Gammadata Mätteknik AB, was founded in 1986 after the Chernobyl disaster in Ukraine, when nearly 10% of all radioactive caesium from the accident fell on densely populated areas in Sweden. The need arose to measure and check the safety of food and crops in Sweden. A group of researchers from Uppsala University was given a directive from the Swedish government to take charge of these necessary measurement tests. Soon Radonova expanded its business area to include radon measurement tests in indoor air. To date, our laboratory at Radonova has analysed more than one million measurements in residential buildings and on public premises in Sweden and Europe. Radonova is owned by the Lagercrantz Group.

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