Radon dosimetry

Here you can order our accredited service for radon dosimetry. The dosimeter, which consists of the Radtrak2® radon detector with holder, is usually worn by a quarter of employees and then sent back to our laboratory. In an operation where exposure is continuously being measured on staff, a switch to a new dosimeter should be done every quarter. During non-working hours, the dosimeter should be stored in a room where continuous measurement of radon levels takes place with a radon detector. A more detailed description of this can be found below.

After the measurement period, a complete accredited analysis report is issued, which includes exposure per person during the quarter and also the accumulated exposure per person for the calendar year.

Prices below refer to the measurement for a quarter. After the first measurement period, you will be offered the opportunity for automatic renewal every quarter or an annual subscription.

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If you are unsure of what to order, or want to understand more about radon dosimetry, call us at 018-56 88 00 or write to us. More information on how radon dosimetry differs from regular radon measurement can also be found here.

The following is included in the dosimetry service

  • Radtrak2® radon detector for dosimeter with holder and measurement of background radon levels
  • The measurement method is accredited according to ISO 17025
  • Analysis and measurement report with the following information:
    • Dosimeter number
    • Name and type of employment on the employee’s dosimeter
    • Exposure period
    • Radon exposure per person is expressed in kBqh/m3 for the current period and accumulated. On request, the exposure can also be expressed in WLM and mSv.
    • Hours worked during the period
    • Information about the employees, detector placement for background analysis, and working hours are supplied in an Excel sheet obtained from Radonova
    • Telephone support if you need help

Where to store dosimeters after working hours and the number of measuring points for assessing background radon levels

Radon detectors for measuring background radon content should be placed where dosimeters are stored when staff are not working. If all staff place their dosimeters in the same place, only one measuring point is needed. These background measurement detectors are sent back together with the dosimeters. Note that it is important that the location where the dosimeters are stored has a radon content below 50 Bq/m3. If you do not know the radon content in the storage area, you should measure before you start using it, and we then suggest our package to check the background levels, which effectively estimates the radon content in 2 weeks.

In order to identify which rooms employees are exposed to low and high radon levels, location measurements could be carried out during the measurement period. Here you can read more about this service.

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