Rapid measurement in workplaces

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Rapidos® rapid radon measurement is practical when you need an indicative result at short notice before a longterm more accurate assessment is made to confirm initial findings using Radtrak³®. Rapidos® detectors are specially designed for the short-term measurement of radon and ideal for the workplace.

It is simple for you to make a radon measurement. Order our Rapidos® detectors and perform a measurement of the radon level over a period of 10 days. When you enter the number of buildings, you will receive an instruction form that provides a unique report per building after analysis.

Do you need assistance in calculating how many radon detectors are required to measure radon on your workplace?

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This is how you calculate the number of required radon detectors

  • In all rooms where staff stay more than 4 hours a day, at least one radon detector is placed
  • If staff move between 2 or more rooms and are in these together for more than 4 hours per day, all rooms should be measured
  • Underground rooms where staff stay more than 50 hours per year should be measured
  • For larger premises, a radon detector per 150 m² is placed on the ground floor and a radon detector per 250 m² on the other floors

These instructions are based on IRMA’s measurement method for calculating the number of radon detectors at workplaces.

The price includes:

  • 1 x Rapidos® detector in a sealed bag
  • Clear instructions for use which show where the detectors should be located
  • A secure online account with login details for recording start and finish dates
  • Online analysis and measurement report from our accredited laboratory within 1-2 weeks after the laboratory has received the detectors
  • If the measurement has been performed correctly according to instructions, an average annual value for the short-term measurement of radon content for the individual measurement points
  • Telephone support if you require help

When ordering more than 200 detectors, please request a quotation.

Do you have any questions about rapid radon measurement in workplaces, public premises or schools?

You can always contact us e-mail or phone.

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