Measuring radon from 15 Bq/m³ to as
high as 25,000 Bq/m³ over a 3 month period.



Measuring radon from 60 Bq/m³ to as
high as 150,000 Bq/m³ during a 7 day period.



Duotrak® can be used when it is required to measure
separately during working hours and non-working hours.


Thoron Measurement

We also measure thoron in indoor air.


Services and products

Radonova works in several applications and fields related to radon measurement. The selection of a detector, either Radtrak2®, Rapidos® or Duotrak®, depends on the application, local regulation and standards. Depending on the customer requirement we can provide the analysis results in radon concentration, integrated radon dose and even a personal radon dose for individual workers.

Please contact our experienced staff and we will give you the best advice for your field. Our experience ranges across dwellings, multifamily homes and work places as well as providing a radon dosimetry monitoring service for the mining industry and other underground working environments.

Radtrak2® – Long term measurement

Rapidos® – Short term measurement

Duotrak® – Two position measurement

Low radon concentration detection

Radon dosimetry

Thoron measurement

Caesium measurement

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