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How many radon detectors do I need to measure radon in my workplace?

For radon measurement in the workplace, Radonova recommends following International Radon Measurement Association (IRMA) guidelines. This means you will also comply with the United Kingdom’s method description. The advantage of IRMA’s guidelines is that their recommended measurement procedure helps to save time. It’s important not to have to return to conduct additional measurements due to having deployed too few detectors. You can work out the number of detectors you need using IRMA’s guidelines.

The following locations must be included when measuring radon:
Rooms and locations regularly used for more than four hours per day
All underground/basement locations or other locations used by anyone for more than one hour per week where there is a risk of radon leakage
Any relevant locations/rooms at basement and ground floor levels In larger spaces, deploy at least one detector per 150 m2
Deploy at least two detectors on upper floors and at least one detector per 250 m2

Do you need assistance in calculating how many radon detectors are required to measure radon on your workplace?
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