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Thoron measurement

The Thoron gas measurement kit consists of a pair of detectors; one Radtrak2® radon detector (not sensitive to thoron) and one Radtrak2T® thoron detector. The thoron gas exposure is obtained by subtracting the radon contribution from the thoron/radon detector.

The normal exposure time is 3 months but exposure times between 1 and 12 months can be used. After exposure, the detectors should be returned back to Radonova as soon as possible. Each detector has a unique number and after analysis, the integrated dose and measurement uncertainty in kBqh/m3 or thoron/radon level in Bq/m3 is reported for each detector number. The customer should make a note of the detector numbers which belong to each measurement kit pair for future cross reference and location identity.

We can also supply Thoron progeny detectors. The exposure time is the same as for thoron gas and the same measurements applied after analysis.

If you are interested in more details regarding Thoron gas and progeny measurement please contact us here, on +46 (0) 18 56 88 00 or send an enquiry to us.

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