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Radon dosimetry

Radon gas exposure is causing lung cancer to workers around the world. The gas is especially present in underground work places such as mines but also in other NORM activities such as hydroelectric and water treatment plants. Radon levels in these environments vary a lot with location and type of work. It is therefore recommended to use radon dosimetry to monitor all workers. The radon dosemeters are normally used for the measurement of recordable effective dose (dose history) from exposure to radon, but we can also offer measurement of its decay products.

Radonova has a wealth of experience from operating occupational dosimetry monitoring in underground workplaces and other special situations, delivering a cost efficient dosimetry service for radon. Together with you as a customer and our partners around the world we can customise and set up your control system for radon exposure. We also have the knowledge, through our partners, to help you in your assessment and analysis of the results using the ALARA approach.

If you are interested in more details regarding our Radon dosimetry please contact us here, on +46 (0) 18 56 88 00 or send an enquiry to us.