RadonEye RD200

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The RadonEye RD200 is a fast and accurate tool for anyone interested in knowing how radon values varies in their home or workplace.

If you want to obtain an annual average value for radon levels, you should instead order passive devices because they are used to obtain an accredited approved value for eg applying for radon grants.

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With the RadonEye RD200 you get:

a radon meter for private use with superior performance
the possibility to connect it to your smartphone
an accurate measurement value in one hour

The RadonEye RD200 delivers significantly more accurate results compared to other consumer instruments on the market. Users can see how radon content varies around the clock. It is an excellent tool tofollow up the variations of radon within the time. The radon level can be read on the display as well as on the mobile phone connected.

The instrument saves radon values every hour. With the RadonEye RD200, you can quickly measure the radon level in your home or workplace. The user can see how the value has varied during the measurement period. For example, how the daily variation looks and all ventilation measures taken can then be quickly validated.

The instrument can be connected to a mobile app via bluetooth. The app is free and available in both Google Play and the App Store.

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