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Low radon concentration detection

Radonova has a wealth of experience from environmental monitoring of very low concentrations of radon gas, for example in connection with mining and prospecting for uranium. Our Rapidos® High-Sensitivity Radon Test kit allows measurement of radon levels from as low as 5 Bq/m3 over a two month measurement period. Rapidos® is also suitable for surveys of houses and buildings in areas where a very low radon concentration is indicated.

Rapidos® High Sensitivity Detectors, used for out-door measurements, should be placed inside a Protective Canister. The purpose-designed canister, which we offer separately, can hold either one or two detectors and is reusable. The recommended measurement period is 1-3 months, but shorter measuring periods can also be accepted for analysis.

A number of transit control detectors will also be enclosed with your delivery, these should remain in their radon-proof bags and not opened until the exposed detectors are ready for return to the laboratory. Transit control detectors allow us to accurately measure only the radon level present at the survey site and not any radon exposure experienced during travel to and from our laboratory.

If you are interested in more details regarding our Low radon concentration detection please contact us here, on +46 (0) 18 56 88 00 or send an enquiry to us.

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