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Radonova Launches French Office

Since 2018 radon regulations in France have been strengthened, and Radonova has continued to increase its footprint in the French radon landscape. Indeed, the demand for reliable radon measurements has enabled the laboratory to increase its network of professional partners. Thomas Chauvin heads-up French office “Thomas Chauvin started to increase Radonova’s presence in France in 2018, when the 2013 BSS…
Darren Cottom
September 27, 2022

Radon Measurement Season Commences in Autumn

In many countries, the beginning of autumn is synonymous with the start of the radon measurement season. Even though you can measure for radon all year round, in many cases, the annual average radon level for in workplaces can only be obtained by measuring radon for at least 2 months during the heating season or by performing a radon measurement…
Thomas Chauvin
September 6, 2022