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Radonova makes first delivery of radon detectors to Africa

Radonova’s first project on the African continent. Swedish Radonova Laboratories has received an order from the IAEA for radon detectors to monitor radon in Cameroon. The contract is not only for the delivery of detectors, but also for the analysis of radon samples. As a result, Radonova is delivering materials and services for use on the African continent for the…
Darren Cottom
March 4, 2019

Radonova uses date-marking for even safer measurement

Radonova Laboratories introduces date-marking for the detectors used in radon monitoring. Together with the recently launched vacuum packaging, the date-mark ensures that the monitoring and analysis work can be carried out with the utmost reliability. Tryggve Rönnqvist, technical manager at Radonova Laboratories, describes the benefits of date-marking the detectors: “By date-marking each individual pack, we further increase the measurement certainty…
David Hällström
February 26, 2019

Benjamin Portin sees opportunities at Radonova

Settling into a new job isn’t always easy. Benjamin Portin, however, has quickly become a part of Radonova Laboratories. After starting as a temporary worker at Radonova, Benjamin now works full-time in the company’s production and analysis department. “Naturally, it helps that, in my case, I worked at Radonova while I was studying. But I get the feeling that this…
Karl Nilsson
February 19, 2019

How do you measure radon?

Radon is a so-called “inert” gas that is also radioactive. It emits ionising radiation. If people suffer excessive exposure to this radiation in their workplace or at home, it can lead to cell damage and therefore to cancer. Radon is responsible for up to 14% of all cases of lung cancer in the world. So measurements are crucial. Radon comes…
David Hällström
February 8, 2019

Ecotrak® – radon measurement in soil

Radonova launches a new product for safe radon monitoring in soil Radonova Laboratories is launching a new detector that makes it safer and easier to monitor radon in soil. The new Ecotrak® detector can be used ahead of new builds and property modernisations and provides quick, reliable information on the amount of radon in the soil being tested. Unlike other…
David Hällström
February 5, 2019

Radon measurement season in full swing

On 1 October the radon measurement season got under way in Sweden. You can actually measure radon all year round, but if you want an annual average for radon levels in your home or workplace, you have to measure them over the course of at least two months during the winter when heating systems are on. In Sweden this is…
Darren Cottom
February 4, 2019

Why is radon dangerous?

You often carry out a radon measurement when buying houses and properties. But what is radon and why do you need to measure it and why is it dangerous? Radon is dangerous Radon is an element with atomic number 86 and chemical symbol Rn. It is a so-called “inert” gas, which means that the element radon does not readily react…
David Hällström
January 25, 2019