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How many radon detectors are needed to measure a workplace?

Since the EU's new radiation protection directive (2013/59/Euratom) came into force in 2018, it is mandatory that employers should be aware of radon levels in the workplace. The new directive has entailed new national laws in member states, which has resulted in an increasing number of workplaces measuring radon levels. However, at the same time, there is a lack of…
Thomas Chauvin
July 1, 2019

Radiation measurement: from timber to wild boar

Radonova’s story begins in 1986 when a group of researchers at Uppsala University in Sweden were commissioned to measure the radioactive fallout from the Chernobyl accident in Sweden and beyond. Today the company focuses primarily on radon measurement, a field in which we are the global leader. Each year, though, Radonova also carries out a large number of radiation measurements…
Thomas Chauvin
June 25, 2019

British Columbia Lung Association to Provide Radonova’s Test Kits for Home, Workplace and School Radon Monitoring

Through its partnership with Radon Environmental, the British Columbia Lung Association (BCLA) is providing Radonova’s radon detectors to consumers to offer a fast, efficient, and accurate way to find out if your home, school or workplace has potentially hazardous indoor radon levels. The detectors supplied by the BCLA gives the public the option of choosing either a short or long-term…
Thomas Chauvin
June 19, 2019

Intercomparison test: Radonova receives high marks from PHE

Radonova Laboratories has achieved outstanding results in a preliminary comparative reference test performed by the state-owned PHE (Public Health England). The intercomparison tests were performed at five different radon levels – Radonova participated with two different types of detectors for each exposure. In all ten cases, Radonova's results differed by less than 4% from the respective reference value. During the…
Thomas Chauvin
May 15, 2019

Short-term measurement of radon: the right choice when selling a house

Radon is an issue that frequently crops up in connection with the sale of a house. When time pressures are a factor and quick decisions are needed, up-to-date and reliable measurement of radon levels in the home is often overlooked. One solution in these cases may be short-term measurement. Correctly performed short-term measurement provides both buyer and seller with an…
Karl Nilsson
April 24, 2019

Radonova joins metroRADON

Radonova becomes part of Europe’s largest radon project Radonova Laboratories has joined metroRADON, Europe’s largest project studying radon issues and measuring equipment. The members of metroRADON are the foremost national operators in Europe and include both companies and various universities and research institutions. As part of the interest group, Radonova will contribute its long experience of radon measurement with passive…
Darren Cottom
April 5, 2019