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About us

Radonova – The global leader in radon measurement.

Our core business is radon and caesium measurement. With our modern laboratory in Uppsala, Sweden, and customers in more than 50 countries we are the global leader in radon measurement. The company employs circa 25 people that are working within production, analysis, sales, support and R&D.

Our goal is to exceed our clients expectations on every occasion. Please read more about how we work with quality and environmental issues under these sections. Radonova is owned by the Lagercrantz Group.


Radonova, formerly Landauer Nordic AB and Gammadata Mätteknik AB, was founded in 1986 after the Chernobyl disaster in Ukraine, when nearly 10% of all radioactive caesium from the accident fell on densely populated areas in Sweden. The need arose to measure and check the safety of food and crops in Sweden. A group of researchers from Uppsala University was given a directive from the Swedish government to take charge of these necessary measurement tests.

Soon we expanded our business area to include radon measurement tests in indoor air. To date, our laboratory has analysed more than one million measurements in residential buildings and on public premises in Sweden and Europe.

Quality Aspects

Radon inter-comparison tests

Environmental Aspects