Measuring areas when using radon dosimetry

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This is how you calculate the number of required radon detectors

  • In all rooms where staff stay more than 4 hours a day, at least one radon detector is placed
  • If staff move between 2 or more rooms and are in these together for more than 4 hours per day, all rooms should be measured
  • Underground rooms where staff stay more than 50 hours per year should be measured
  • For larger premises, a radon detector per 150 m2 is placed on the ground floor and a radon detector per 250 m2 on the other floors

These instructions are based on IRMA’s measurement method for calculating the number of radon detectors at workplaces.

The following is included in the price

• 1 Radtrak2® radon detector in a sealed bag
• Analysis and measurement report from our accredited laboratory which states the radon concentration at each measurement point
• Telephone support if you need help

Do you have questions about area measurement in connection with radon dosimetry?

You can always write to us or call on +46 (0) 18 56 88 00.

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In relation to staff using radon dosimeters, there is significant benefit, in the same period, in measuring for radon concentration in the areas where they work. In this way, it is easier to identify where staff are exposed to the highest levels of radon. By ordering our Radtrak2® radon detectors, area measurements can be carried out during the same period, which is normally over a quarter. Area reporting will coincide with the radon dosimeter analysis.

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