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Multi family building

Multi family building

New statistics show that all apartments on the ground floor should always be measured for radon

New data shows that you should measure radon on the ground floor of apartment buildings, regardless of the type of building foundation. Radonova Laboratories draws that conclusion after analysing the results of roughly 20,000 radon measurements of Swedish apartments. The conclusion from the data is that radon should be measured on the ground floor in a house with a basement…
September 27, 2023
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Radonova adds EcoQube to Product Portfolio – digital radon measurement for homes and apartments

Radonova has added EcoQube, developed by Ecosense Inc, to its world leading radon measurement product suite. EcoQube is an affordable measuring instrument for home and apartment owners who want to measure changeable radon levels during the day or night. EcoQube provides customers with real time insights into hourly fluctuations of radon levels. This is not possible with other consumer instruments,…
March 23, 2022
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Buildings and radon

It is important to measure radon regardless of where you live There are many radon maps that classify areas according to their radon exposure. Consequently, many people do not measure radon because they think they live in a radon-free area, but that is wrong. Radon exposure affects almost all people and considerable local differences can exist within the residential areas.…