Duotrak – Working hour measurement

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Duotrak® offers you a simple way to separate radon exposure measurements made during working hours from non-working hours at the work place and can play an important role in your health and safety at work standards.

The detector is normally used as a follow up measurement after a long-term measurement has indicated elevated radon levels are present and where a follow up is needed to specifically check the radon level during working hours. The instrument is very user-friendly and there is no need of external consultant to use the device at the work place.

The exceptionally large range of this detector allows you to measure radon levels from as low as 60 Bq/m³ to as high as 150,000 Bq/m³ during a 3-week period with very high accuracy. The measurement is accredited and complies with ISO 17025 and ISO 11665-4:2012.

Minimum 2 detectors must be ordered.

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Your detector pack includes the following:

  • Freight from our laboratory
  • Clear measurement instructions which show where the detectors should be located
  • Analysis and measurement report from our accredited laboratory
  • Measurement which complies with ISO 17025 and ISO 11665-4:2012
  • Telephone support if you require help

How Duotrak® works

Duotrak® is an alpha track detector used for radon exposure measurement anywhere between 3 weeks and 3 months.

The detector has a manual two position setting (ON / OFF) giving you the control to select exposure measurement during working hours when personnel are present and potentially exposed to radon. By switching you can exclude non-working hours when no personnel are present.

The detector consists of two film elements located within a pod made from a special antistatic plastic which allows radon gas to enter by diffusion. Analysis is performed using a state-of-the-art image scanner and the exposure results are expressed in terms of Bq/m³.


Place the Duotrak® detectors according to the sampling instructions that accompany the package. At the same time, log in to www.radonovalaboratories.com and go to My Pages. Fill in information about the measurement: start date, detector number and location. To complete the measurement, you should log in again and register the stop date and amount of time the detector has been operating in the ‘ON’ position.

When we receive the exposed Duotrak® detectors from you we analyse them immediately, putting the results as an online report into your account which you can print as a hard copy as part of your health and safety at work action file.

Do you have any questions about our Duotrak radon test for workplaces?

You can always contact us directly by e-mail or phone.

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