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European Radon Week highlights the importance of radon prevention measures

By October 25, 2022Measurement

During the last week of September 2022, several leading researchers, experts, authorities, and industry representatives gathered in Bergen, Norway, for European Radon Week. The European Radon Association (ERA) organized workshops and the recurring conference ROOMS (Radon Outcomes on Mitigation Solutions) was also an important part of the program. This year, the overarching theme was “radon prevention and mitigation in new and existing buildings”.

Radon Week is an important forum where knowledge and experience from both national and international studies and activities can be shared and discussed. As a global expert in radon measurement and radon instruments, Radonova had a central role in several of the program sessions. Among others, Radonova´s Dag Sedin and Tryggve Rönnqvist participated.

“An accurate and reliable radon measurement during a radon inspection is crucial in being able to draw up a mitigation protocol. To succeed in this, a key part is to choose a very sensitive radon instrument that can give a quick and accurate result. ATMOS is an example of an instrument that can do that”, commented Dag Sedin, senior radon advisor from Radonova at one of ERA’s workshops.

During his presentation at ROOMS, Tryggve Rönnqvist, technical director at Radonova, also had the opportunity to share the results from radon measurements carried out on higher floors in Swedish workplaces. The presence and frequency of high radon levels even on the upper floors surprised large parts of the audience and raised the issue that radon should be measured everywhere, not just at ground level and underground.

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