RadonEye RD200 PLUS2

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RadonEye RD200 PLUS2 is a consumer-grade instrument for use in houses or multi-occupancy buildings. It is up to 20 times more sensitive than other consumer-grade instruments on the market.

Dosimeters must be ordered if you wish to measure the average annual value for radon. Measurement performed in this way provides you with an accredited and approved result, which is a potential municipal requirement. Each unit is factory calibrated.

For you that is planning to monitor workplaces, we recommend SPIRIT Radonlogger. This software enables to create complete reports by selecting targeted time ranges such as working hours.

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RadonEye RD200 PLUS2 measures radon levels quickly and accurately.

At normal indoor radon levels, the measurement uncertainty is approx. 10% for an hour’s measurement. The measured value shown on the display updates every 10 minutes and is based on the measurement recorded in the last hour. Measurement data is sent by Wi-Fi, enabling data to be read off the instrument in real-time. You also have the option to transfer data from the device by connecting it to your smartphone via Bluetooth. An excellent tool for property owners and consultants who, for instance, want to determine the radon concentration in a multi-occupancy building.

With RadonEye RD200 PLUS2, you get:

  • an instrument with superior performance compared with other consumer-grade instruments
  • measurement data that is sent in real-time by Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to a smartphone or PC
  • an accurate measured value within one hour
  • timeline with real-time clock

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