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Radonova starts cooperation with distributor in Georgia

By March 12, 2024News

Radonova has started a new collaboration with RadonGeorgia for them to distribute Radonova’s radon detectors and measuring instruments in Georgia. This will be the first company in Georgia engaged in providing radon measurements for businesses and the public.

Knowledge and awareness of radon is generally very low in Georgia. There is basically no legislation in the area and few people are aware of the risks associated with exposure to elevated levels of radon gas.

– “With Radonova’s knowledge and experience, we see good opportunities to increase radon awareness in Georgia. In the same way that Radonova has been global pioneers, we now see the opportunity to become one in Georgia. Our initial contacts and the help we received from Radonova have been very valuable. We know that they are world leaders in the field and look forward to developing our cooperation together,” says Giorgi Samkharadze, CEO of RadonGeorgia.

– The situation in Georgia is a reminder that the radon issue is not adequately recognized in many countries, even though radon exposure causes approximately 240,000 cases of lung cancer worldwide per year. At Radonova, we look at the possibilities of continuing to spread knowledge about how to reduce the risks of radon. Today we have customers in around 80 countries and we are happy to now also have a distributor in Georgia,” comments Patrik Nöteberg at Radonova Laboratories.

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