EcoQube – Digital Radon Instrument for Homes & Apartments

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EcoQube is an affordable measuring instrument for home and apartment owners who want to measure changeable radon levels during the day. EcoQube provides customers with real time insights into hourly fluctuations of radon levels. This is not possible with other consumer instruments, which normally only give an average value for the last 24 hours.

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EcoQube in Summary:

  • The first measurement result is obtained within 10 minutes, with a more reliable result acquired within the hour, this compares to other instruments that can take up to 24 hours.
  • More accurate than other instruments for home use with an industry-leading sensitivity of 40 pulses per hour at 50 Bq / m³ (30 times more sensitive than industry standards).
  • The instrument provides a statistical measurement uncertainty at an hourly average time that is better than + -15% (@ 200 Bq / m³, 1 hp dev).
  • Wi-Fi connected – easily connects to Wi-Fi router in the home. No other wireless equipment is needed. EcoQube only supports 2.4 GHz and currently does not support 5 GHz wireless networks. The device is connected to Wi-Fi within a radius of up to 10 meters.
  • Smartphone App (Android, iOS) makes it possible to monitor radon levels in real time anywhere, anytime.
  • Ideal solution for monitoring how radon levels vary following a radon reduction measure or a change in ventilation.

EcoQube is a cube-shaped instrument that fits in the palm of your hand. The patented detection technology provides fast and reliable results. Measurement results and warning messages are delivered directly to your smartphone through a Wi-Fi connection. EcoQube constantly monitors to provide accurate radon level measurements and displays real-time status using a 3-color LED display on the front.

EcoQube’s diffusion time of 10 minutes is extremely good and after an hour the instrument shows more than 80% of the true value of radon levels of 200 Bq / m³, which can be compared with Airthings View Plus and Airthings Wave Plus which require 24 hours to reach the same precision. This has been proven in an independent test of EcoQube conducted by the University of Kansas.

This product includes customer service in your local language.


Radon sensor Pulsion chamber
Sensitivity 40 pulses per hour at 50 Bq / m³
Precision < + 10% at 400 Bq / m³ after 10 hours
Data interval Updates the measured value every 10 minutes
Measurement interval Stores data in the cloud every hour
Measuring range 7 – 3700 Bq / m³
Wireless connection Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
Alarm Integrated alarm set via the mobile app
Visual radon level indicator 3 colour LED display on the front
Power supply 5V, 1A external power adapter
Weight 110 grams
Temperature range 0–40 ° C
Dimensions (height, width, depth) 65 mm x 65 mm x 80 mm

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