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Radonova Launches French Office

By September 27, 2022Uncategorized

Since 2018 radon regulations in France have been strengthened, and Radonova has continued to increase its footprint in the French radon landscape. Indeed, the demand for reliable radon measurements has enabled the laboratory to increase its network of professional partners.

Thomas Chauvin heads-up French office

“Thomas Chauvin started to increase Radonova’s presence in France in 2018, when the 2013 BSS directive was implemented in the country. Since then, he has managed to develop from Sweden a large network of partners and customers across France. Now, Thomas is taking the opportunity to relocate to France and open up a French office. This is a significant move for Radonova and will increase our business opportunities in the region,” said Karl Nilsson, CEO of Radonova.

La Rochelle, a strategic choice

”Radon can be an issue everywhere, however in France it still remains a very local concern as regulation does not yet embrace the whole country but only regions located in zone 2 and 3 according to the IRSN French radon map and a few specific areas. The geographical location of La Rochelle, at the crossroads of the main zones where the risk of radon is today at its highest (Brittany and the Massif Central), makes it a relevant choice for us and will make it much easier to meet new partners and reinforce our network,” states Thomas Chauvin, Development Manager at Radonova.

Radonova’s new French office is located at:

10-14 rue Jean-Perrin

Les Minimes

17000 La Rochelle

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