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Radtrak³ approved in three new European countries

By December 14, 2021News

In Spring 2021, Radonova launched the latest version of its most popular global radon detector, Radtrak³. Radtrak³ is smaller than its predecessor, which simplifies both the deployment and delivery process. The smaller size and the ability to reuse plastic components also makes it more environmentally friendly.

Radtrak³ is now approved for use in Germany, United Kingdom and Switzerland as an official measurement solution. These three countries represent a significant percentage of Radonova’s business in Europe.

“In Switzerland, Radonova is a market leader. We have been measuring radon in Switzerland for decades and have a strong partnership network. The availability of Radtrak³ will consolidate our position in the country and enhance the portfolio of solutions we can offer customers in the field of radon measurement. We are committed to ensuring our customers have access to state-of-the-art solutions,” said Karl Nilsson, CEO of Radonova

“Germany is a relatively new market for Radonova as radon regulation has only recently been passed. Being able to supply our partners in Germany with Radtrak³ will increase our value proposition and allow us to target new opportunities in a country where our footprint is currently the fastest growing in Europe,” stated Patrik Nöteberg, an experienced radon specialist responsible for Radonova sales in Germany.

“The UK has always been a very competitive and challenging market for Radonova. As a new product, Radtrak³ enables us to expand our portfolio of products and services. Radtrak² was already the best-selling radon detector in the UK for long term passive measurement. With all of the new features Radtrak³ has to offer, it is destined to be extremely popular with new and existing customers,”, said Maria Dugdale, Radonova’s UK sales representative.

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