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Radonova launches new software to simplify radon measurement during working hours

By August 18, 2020August 26th, 2020Workplace

To simplify radon measurement in workplaces, Radonova has developed new software which works with radon instruments to make it easier to measure and analyze radon levels during the working day.

“There is increased demand for both accredited long-term measurements at workplaces and radon measurements during working hours. In order to quickly obtain an annual average value and meet this need, Radonova’s IT department has developed new software which enables the user to easily monitor radon levels during working hours”, said Radonova’s CEO Karl Nilsson.

The software currently works with the RadonEye PLUS2 radon sensor, provided that at least one week of measurement is carried out. Shorter measurement times can be achieved by using the software with the radon instrument ATMOS (down to two days). Software licenses can be purchased for previously ordered equipment and new radon instruments. By using the software you get a complete measurement report. It also provides sufficient data to determine whether ventilation measures are needed to reduce radon levels during working hours.

Why measure radon levels during working hours?

An annual radon measurement value in workplaces, offices and other premises will identify whether elevated radon levels exist. This measurement will also show whether you fall within the national hygienic limit value. Please note that before taking measures to reduce radon levels, a measurement must be taken during working hours. This is because the mandatory measurement for annual average value is based on a three-month measurement with radon detectors (24/7).

In work environments with ventilation, the radon content during working hours can be lower than the hygienic limit value. If this is the case, no further measures need to be taken, provided that the ventilation does not change.

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