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The right radon sensor can reduce the cost of ventilation by up to 50 percent

By September 5, 2023Workplace

With the radon sensor SPIRIT it is easy to monitor the radon levels in schools and other premises. By using a modern radon sensor, you can also ensure that the ventilation is not switched on unnecessarily. This enables facilities to save energy and accompanying costs.

Schools and workplaces with radon problems often use ventilation to reduce radon levels to acceptable levels. Historically, radon instruments with sensitivity that is too low have been used to set a reliable time-controlled ventilation.

The ventilation is often on unnecessarily

“In practice, the ventilation in properties is often left on for far too long without it being necessary. In extreme cases, we have seen that the ventilation runs continuously throughout the day. Even though this is one of the rare cases, in many situations it is possible to get more energy-efficient ventilation by using the functionality in SPIRIT,” says Karl Nilsson, CEO at Radonova.

Since SPIRIT has an internal spectral resolution of 10 minutes, it is possible to extract more precise and accurate radon data when students, teachers and employees are in the premises in question. The radon levels can be easily viewed through Radonova’s web portal, where you can also view advanced graphs and create your own dashboards. APIs can be used if you prefer to see radon data in your own property system. It is also possible to connect to the ventilation system for maximum optimization based on the radon level, which provides a long-term and cost-effective solution.

“By using Radonova’s uniquely highly sensitive radon sensor and measuring the radon level in real time, it is possible to positively influence both our common environment and the work environment, while at the same time lowering the costs for ventilation in the property,” concludes Karl Nilsson.

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