RadaonEye PLUS2 Workplaces


RadonEye RD200 PLUS2 Workplaces is a solution dedicated to monitoring radon in workplaces.

This solution consists of a RadonEye RD200 PLUS2 radon logger and ATMOS Light software.

With RadonEye RD200 PLUS2 you get:

  • an instrument for use in workplaces with superior performance compared with other consumer-grade instruments
  • measurement data that is sent in real-time by Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to a smartphone or PC
  • an accurate measured value within one hour
  • timeline with real-time clock

Via the dedicated mobile application, it is possible to monitor the radon levels measured in your customers live from your office.

In practice, this means that it is possible to monitor radon levels with real-time clock on your smartphone. It is also possible to know the history of the measurements taken and to detect the periods when the radon concentrations are the most important.

With ATMOS Light, you have software:

  • Able to edit clear and precise measurement reports
  • Select the desired measurement points, for example only the periods of public presence in a building or the hours of presence of employees in a workplace
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RadaonEye PLUS2 Workplaces is a solution particularly suitable for professional radon monitoring. This means that it can be used in particular for additional investigations following a measurement of the annual average above the reference level, for example at a workplace.

Once started, RadonEye RD200 PLUS2 gives the possibility to discriminate radon measurements according to a predefined time step. RadonEye RD200 PLUS2 works in diffusion mode and on the principle of a pulsed ion chamber. Thus, it is able to deliver very precise measurements one hour after starting the instrument. The uncertainty is approximately 10%. The measurement updates automatically every 10 minutes and shows the measured result over the previous hour.

ATMOS Light software has been developed to provide you with a tool for reading and analyzing data measured by RadonEye PLUS2. Connect your instrument to your computer, and import the data into the software.

You are a radon consultant and you want to offer your customers the best to monitor radon levels?

Choose RadonEye RD200 PLUS2 Pro and take advantage of the ATMOS Light software.

Thanks to this software, you can easily transfer the raw data measured by RadonEye PLUS2 to your PC and simply and directly create clear reports for your customers from a selection of measurement points.

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