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French Case Study: Radonova at the forefront of meeting increased demand for radon measurements

By March 9, 2021News

The recent changes in French radon regulation have raised awareness of radon and the detrimental impact it has on health, as well as the availability of local distributors and contractors that supply radon measuring devices. Radonova’s partner, Julien Ranouil from DosExpert, has been working as a radiation protection and radon consultant for many years and has first-hand experience of how the new regulation is changing the radon measurement market landscape.

How is Radonova helping you grow your business to meet escalating demand?

JR : I have been working in collaboration with Radonova for many years. Our relationship is primarily based on trust. Since the summer of 2018, the demand from my customers for reliable radon measurements has rapidly increased. As the global leader in radon measurement, Radonova is a trusted partner that has always been able to meet the requirements of my customers. Due to the French Nuclear Safety Authority 1-A agreement, I really need a reliable partner that is able to supply radon detectors when needed. From my experience of working with Radonova, delivery is always fast, the technology is cost effective, and the quality of the detectors are world leading. In addition, the analysis process is very smooth and in comparison, to other providers in France, Radonova is by far the most professional.

Furthermore, the portfolio of products available is comprehensive and allows us to meet any kind of requirement my customers may have – this may range from the industry leading Radtrak² to innovative instruments such as ATMOS, which conducts sniff measurements.

Speaking about instruments, how has the radon measurement market evolved?

Due to the new regulation, over the last two years I have tripled my supply of radon detectors. As a consequence, I also receive more and more enquiries from customers for specific projects.

I think the demand for more bespoke projects will continue to rise, as will the demand for more traditional radon measurement. This means I will need reliable, easy to use instruments that are tailored to unique field work.

As an expert in radon measurement, how would you compare Radonova to competitors?

Most of the instruments available on the market are designed to meet either scientific or individual needs. That is not to say they do not serve a purpose, but many of them do not adequately meet the needs of radon consultants. The Radonova range of solutions is far more extensive than anything else that is out there. For example, you can use ATMOS for sniff measurements or MARKUS for soil measurements. Radonova provides tools that are specifically designed for different criteria and provide radon consultants with exactly what they need: efficiency, reliability, precision, ease of use, and all of this is done cost effectively. They basically tick all the boxes.

How do you see your relationship with Radonova developing?

Radonova is a very dynamic and innovative company. It provides the best service and delivery I could ask for. I want this relationship to develop, not only as a radon consultant but as an active distributor for Radonova’s products especially the radon instrument range.

In my opinion, ATMOS is currently the best detector on the market for radon consultants and I am sure it will become increasingly popular as the demand for radon measurements intensifies.

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