Radonova launches ROBIN2 – a professional radon sensor with high sensitivity

Radonova Laboratories has launched ROBIN2, broadening its range of radon measurement technologies. The latest version of ROBIN is twice as sensitive as its predecessor and includes an improved response function for optimum compliance with rapid changes in radon levels. ROBIN2 is a state-of-the-art radon sensor that can be deployed as a fixed installation in smart homes for monitoring and reducing…
Thomas Chauvin
January 7, 2020

Interview with Weston Jacques of Evict Radon

In this Expert Interview we talk to Weston Jacques, Executive Director of Evict Radon – a new non-profit organization dedicated to radon awareness and testing across Canada via a University of Calgary research study. During our conversation, Weston discusses the evolution of the Evict Radon campaign and how it is expanding this year… How did the project come about? Evict…
Thomas Chauvin
December 17, 2019

Radonova launches Polish division, reinforcing European expansion strategy

Radonova Laboratories continues to expand with the announcment of a new division in Poland. Based on its strategy of appointing local specialists and partners to manage specific territories, Radonova continues to remain at the forefront of increasing awareness of the health risks associated with radon exposure, while also providing reliable, accredited measurement services. As in many other European countries, Polish…
Thomas Chauvin
November 22, 2019

Take Action on Radon and Radonova Collaborate on 100 Radon Test Kit Challenge

Radonova, the global leader in radon measurement, is proudly partnering with Take Action on Radon to supply Radtrak² radon gas detectors for the 100 Radon Test Kit Challenge. What is the 100 Radon Test Kit Challenge? The objective of the campaign is to gather more information about radon concentrations across Canada to increase knowledge and better understand concentration levels. The…
Thomas Chauvin
November 12, 2019

New calculator simplifies radon measurement in the workplace

To coincide with the start of the radon measurement season, Radonova has launched a web application that makes it easier to calculate how many radon detectors are required to measure radon in the workplace. Due to national radiation protection laws which were introduced across Europe in 2018, there is now a legal requirement to measure radon levels in workplaces. The…
Thomas Chauvin
November 5, 2019

Canon Business Center Conducts Reliable and Effective Radon Measurement in the Workplace

In order to comply with the EU's new Radiation Protection Directive, a new Radiation Protection Act came into force in 2018. This means that for the first time, the issue of exposure and measurement of radon in both workplaces and homes is included in different European countries Radiation Protection Acts. We met Canon's sales manager Mats Sonesson at their Uppsala…
Thomas Chauvin
October 15, 2019

Expert Interview with Dr. Aaron Goodarzi – The Global Fight Against Radon

In this expert interview, we talk to Dr Aaron Goodarzi, the Canada Research Chair for Radiation Exposure Disease, about the dangers of radon exposure. During our conversation, Dr. Goodarzi discusses the steps that need to be taken to lessen the risk of radon exposure, the greater need for collaboration between countries and technical communities to ensure that radon exposure is…
Thomas Chauvin
October 1, 2019