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The importance of returning radon detectors correctly 

By April 28, 2020August 11th, 2020Measurement

At Radonova, high quality control standards and procedures are integral to our business. Therefore, it’s important to emphasise the significance of returning radon detectors in an appropriate manner to enable us to conduct precise measurements. To avoid inaccurate analysis values, “alpha-track” detectors such as Radtrak2, Rapidos and Duotrak, should generally not be returned in sealed bags. If the measurement time is less than 14 days, returning detectors in sealed bags comprimises industry standards. 

There is a good reason for this. Radon is adsorbed into the plastic bag which covers the detector, which can provide elevated values of up to 10-20%, if the measurement time has been too short. The longer the detector is in a sealed bag, the higher the deviation. This is especially true if the bag is small and is too close to the detector. 

Itwidely recognised that there is a risk of deviation when detectors are placed in sealed bags. We strongly recommend that bags should not be sealed when returned to usIt’s important that we get this message across so that the risk of error is reducedThe possibility of additional radon exposure during transport in unsealed bags is generally very low when compared to the risk of extra exposure if the bag is sealed, said Tryggve Rönnqvist, technical manager at Radonova Laboratories. 

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After the measuring time is completed detectors should be returned to your local hub who will handle the shipment back to the laboratory. 

If you need further help with returns, please contact our support

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