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Instrument veteran driven by helping customers

By April 14, 2020August 11th, 2020Measurement

Fredrik Lindén has worked with radon measuring instruments for many years. When the radon measurement instrument division of Gammadata Instruments was acquired by Radonova in early 2019, Fredrik became part of a knowledgeable team in a very busy workshop. 

Close customer contact

I enjoy working at a company where my day-to-day activities are varied. They range from purchasing and inventory management to service, testing and production. Our instruments, and the services we offer, have a major impact on our customers’ operations. The service and support work we undertake requires particularly close customer contact. I find this stimulating and rewarding especially as we try to help our customers as quickly and efficiently as possible. The test phase is particularly gratifying as it concludes extensive work we have carried out in the workshop. We need this verification so that we can confirm that the instrument is field-ready. 

Freedom and responsibility encourage commitment

At Radonova, employees are given freedom and encouraged to act on their own initiative. In the workplace, it certainly feels like the goals of the individual and the company are alignedOur mantra is to continually improve to ensure that we offer partners, consumers and businesses exceptional radon measurement technologiesIf you are given freedom and responsibility, you also become more committedThis commitment is important as we work with relatively complex flows and procedures, so we need to be precise in every phase of the manufacturing process. 

Acquisition extended Radonova’s portfolio

By acquiring the radon measurement instrument division of GammadataRadonova added several advanced instruments and products to its portfolio, broadening its range of radon measurement technologiesBy offering a comprehensive program for radon measurementRadonova is responding to the global demand for safe and efficient radon measurements in homes and workplaces and strengthening its position as a world leader. 

Fredrik Lindén

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