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New Facilities Enable Radonova to Meet Growing Global Demand for Radon Measurements

By October 24, 2023News

After 10 years, Radonova has outgrown its current office and manufacturing space and will be moving to a new facility by the end of 2023. The company’s growth, coupled with the increased demand for reliable radon measurements, has warranted the need for relocation to larger premises. The new facilities, located in the Fyrislund business area of Uppsala, encompass over 1,600 square meters that includes a manufacturing area, production unit, laboratory, and business offices.

The idea of moving was preceded by a thorough analysis of future needs and planning, with the new premises being tailor-made and fully adapted to Radonova’s operations. The facilities are designed to optimize workflow processes while meeting high standards for safety and a conducive working environment.

“Our operations are global, and Radonova currently serves customers in over 80 countries. To remain a world leader, we need to continually improve both our processes and products. With the new facilities, we can enhance and streamline work processes while meeting the growing demand for radon measurements with a high level of security and quality. It is also crucial to continue offering our customers short delivery and analysis times where we have reached the limit in our current premises,” commented Karl Nilsson, CEO of Radonova Laboratories.

“As part of the move, we have a great opportunity to test our detector production capacity, which more and more customers are requesting. Since we have more than one production line, we can maintain a stable production of approximately 30,000 detectors per week during the move, moving one line at a time. We are also taking the opportunity to further develop and ensure the quality of our machines. This will result in an even more efficient production process that meets the highest standards of safety and quality,” said Oscar Wännerud, Laboratory and Quality Manager at Radonova.

In addition to its headquarters in Uppsala, Radonova also has locations in the USA, the UK, Germany, France, and Norway.

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