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A local and global approach – a strategy which strengthens Radonova’s reputation

By November 15, 2022Measurement

Since the mid-2010s, many European countries have implemented the European Directive EURATOM 2013/59 which aims to strengthen, or even sometimes create, local and national regulation regarding radon.

As a world leader in radon measurements and technology, Radonova has monitored and acted on local and national radon trends, investing in local stakeholders so that they can meet the growing demand for radon measurements with state-of-the-art measurement solutions. In doing so, Radonova has increased its brand awareness and reputation outside of its traditional markets such as Sweden, Switzerland, and the United States. This strategy has advanced its position as a market leader, but also highlighted the fact that Radonova has local expertise in radon measurement.

Expanding to new markets

Following the passing of radon legislation in countries such as France, Germany, and the UK, Radonova’s presence in these markets has progressed at speed in recent years which has led to the need for a local presence in these countries in order to build a local radon community and network.

In 2021, Radonova acquired GM Scientific and opened a local office in Bristol, so that Radonova could operate in the UK market with local representatives.

In 2022, Radonova followed up the Bristol opening with the launch of two further offices in Dusseldorf, Germany and La Rochelle, France, relocating Radonova’s local and global expertise to these growing markets.

The benefit of providing both local and global radon expertise

By entering locally growing markets, Radonova does not only bring in the most reliable measurement solutions but also global expertise which enables all local managers to pass on benefits and insights to their customers which are derived from the experience Radonova has in multiple markets.

“Many of our French customers are not only happy about the quality of our service, but also that we can provide expertise and good practice from projects that are conducted outside of the French borders. Together with the quality of the service we provide, getting inspiration from innovative work undertaken elsewhere helps define the added value Radonova supplies in relation to alternative radon offerings,” said Thomas Chauvin, Development Manager of Radonova in France.

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