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Record breaking month for Radonova’s laboratory – 34,000 detectors analyzed in one week

By May 24, 2022Measurement

May is always Radonova’s busiest period. This year, the world’s leading radon laboratory broke records in the number of detectors processed. During a single week in May, Radonova handled approximately 34,000 received detectors. After a couple of years where the pandemic limited the ability to measure for radon, there is now great global demand for radon measurements.

Oscar Wännerud, who is responsible for Radonova’s laboratory, comments on this new record:

“Our new production line has helped us increase capacity both in terms of outgoing deliveries and in receiving detectors. We are constantly working to eliminate bottlenecks and can now run several processes in parallel. It also allows us to seamlessly meet the increased need for radon measurements. Overall, the time we need to analyze the detectors has reduced from an already low level. My tip for customers is to register their information via My Pages, then you are guaranteed the shortest possible analysis time.”

“With customers in over fifty countries, we need to have enough flexibility and capacity to handle a greater demand, alongside seasonal peaks. In addition, in recent years we have significantly broadened our product portfolio. This has meant that we have had to increase our capacity and today can manage larger volumes than any other laboratory in the market.”

More companies are measuring radon
Radonova continues to see an increase in the number of companies measuring for radon in the workplace.

“The new and stricter legislation that has been introduced in several countries has resulted in us analyzing more detectors. Given the health risks of elevated radon levels, it’s good to be part of a trend where fewer people are being exposed and harmed by radon. One of our key messages is that it is easy to measure for radon, both for individuals and employers. Our customer support is always willing to guide customers who have questions or are unsure of how to measure for radon.”

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