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Radonova´s German partner expands radon expertise and portfolio to meet increased demand for radon measurements

By July 6, 2021Measurement

Recent changes in German radon regulation law have raised awareness of radon and the detrimental impact it has on health, as well as the availability of local distributors and contractors that supply radon measuring devices and services. Radonova’s partner Safetec has been active in the field of radiation protection for almost 30 years and knows firsthand how the market for radon measurements is changing as a result of the new legislation. Safetec reacted quickly to the increasing demand and can now successfully serve the German radon market with its subsidiary SafeRadon.

Could you tell us a little about why SafeRadon / Safetec decided to offer radon measurement services for the German market?

Most of Safetec’s employees work in nuclear power plants. Many of them have already dealt with radon. The subject of “radon” in itself is therefore nothing new to us. What was new for us, however, was to use this knowledge to advise both B2C customers and B2B customers outside the power plants. After two of our colleagues developed this idea, it was quickly turned into a project.

With Radonova as an industry leading partner, and our own years of experience, we were able to implement our concept quickly and successfully. We are proud to say that, since April, we are an independent subsidiary of Safetec – called SafeRadon GmbH – and are able to support our customers in every phase of the radon protection process.

Why did you decide to work with Radonova?

As a full-service provider in the field of radon protection, it is important to us that we can accompany our customers through the entire process. We rely on competent partners in order to be able to offer our customers the best possible service in every phase. Radonova is the global leader in radon measurement and is therefore an ideal partner for us. On site in Radonova’s laboratory in Sweden, we quickly realized that Radonova offers a service of the highest quality and, importantly, also has the capacity to meet the high demand for radon measurements in Germany.

 What characterizes the market in Germany in this area?

The legal implementation of protection against radon is still relatively new. Radon measurements will be mandatory for certain workplaces from 2021. These measurements must begin in the middle of the year and run over a period of at least 12 months. In general, the market has a great deal of potential for growth but there is still a lot of education to be done first.

 How mature is the market and do people really understand the dangers of radon?

The danger posed by radon is still greatly underestimated in Germany. Since 2021, the legislation for workplaces in certain areas has made radon measurements mandatory, but more awareness-raising work is clearly required in the years to come.

 How exactly do you work with your customers? Do you have private individuals and employers as customers? Is there an online sale?

Our goal is to support both companies and private customers in every phase of radon protection. Our services include the following:

– We sell measuring devices.

– We offer a measurement service for legally required measurements.

– We determine the causes of high radon concentrations with the help of various measurements and a building analysis.

– We create an individual remediation concept and then refer our customers to a suitable partner for radon remediation.

– And finally, we check the effectiveness of the remedial measures and, if necessary, advise customers on occupational radiation protection.

 What is your impression of Radonova so far?

The partnership with Radonova is a complete success. We are very happy to have found such a good and reliable partner and we look forward to many more years of cooperation. It’s a thumbs up from us!

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