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Radonova receives top marks in French radon measurement intercomparison test

By December 1, 2020Measurement

Radonova Laboratories has achieved excellent results in a comparative reference test carried out by the French state body IRSN (institute de Radioprotection et sureté nucléaire). Radonova participated in the test with its Radtrak2 detector – an alpha track detector used for long term measurement – and were awarded the best results of all participating companies.

In the current reference test, radon detectors were exposed to different levels of radon. The results are then compared with the official reference values ​​given by the IRSN.

A demanding test for a large and important market

In general, knowledge about the dangers of radon exposure are low in France, despite the fact that radon levels in several parts of the country pose a significant health risk. However, there is an increasing interest and an acknowledgement that more needs to be done to control levels of radon in both homes and workplaces.

– Radonova regularly partakes in this type of comparative reference test and our results are consistently good. At the same time, this test is particularly important to us as it’s the first time we are participating in France. It’s a market which has a requirement for reliable radon measurement technologies, not least in the public sector and in workplaces. Radonova has had a presence in France for some time to generate wider awareness of the solutions we offer. The results of the intercomparison test confirm our status of being at the forefront of radon measurement, said Radonova Laboratories’ CEO Karl Nilsson.

– The ongoing pandemic serves as a reminder of how important our lungs are. Unlike Covid-19, we are in a position to provide advice and technologies which can reduce elevated radon levels effectively and help protect the lungs. In addition to measuring, a structured process and service must be in place to ensure quality standards are met at every step of the evaluation. Radonova offers a complete solution that is competitive and industry leading, commented Thomas Chauvin, head of Radonova’s operations in France.

During the test, radon detectors were exposed to a radon concentration in the range 300 to 1,000 Bq/m³. These are reference levels that are most common in France and the rest of Europe.

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