Radonova – The new name for Landauer Nordic

Radonova – The global leader in radon measurement is pleased to announce the launch of a new company name, Radonova. The company has a proud reputation for measuring radon on a large scale since 1989. As a member of several international radon institutions and committees Radonova will continue to provide a state of the art radon measurement service.

“Due to a recent change of ownership, from Landauer Inc. to the Lagercrantz Group AB, it follows naturally for us to change the company name to reflect our new identity. “Going forward with Radonova as a new name, we gain a stronger connection with our high degree of expertise in radon measurement”, says Karl Nilsson, the CEO for Radonova. “We will continue to develop new radon measurement services and digital customer platforms at our sites in Uppsala, Sweden, as well as in Chicago, US, This will enable us to expand the support towards our customers in over 50 countries. Our work is based on a customer-oriented perspective, and our objective is to always surpass your expectations with regard to quality, service, and experience. With roots in the world of academia and research, Radonova employs cutting edge equipment technology to analyze radon in indoor air using our radon detectors; Radtrak², Rapidos, and Duotrak. We pride ourselves in always being very highly placed in comparative national and international blind accuracy tests. As a result of our secure online reporting plus degree of accuracy with our measurement methods we are accredited according to ISO 17025 giving you the confidence and trust to use Radonova.”

Remember… Radon is a radioactive gas which forms naturally when the element, Uranium238, decays. It is found everywhere and according to the World Health Organization, WHO, 3%-14% of all incidences of lung cancer are caused as a result of radon gas inhalation. Hence you should take a responsible approach to checking radon levels in your home or workplace using radon detectors supplied, analyzed and reported by Radonova.