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March 2019


COIRA chooses radon detectors from Radonova for major international study

Radonova Laboratories will be providing radon detectors to a major international study to be run by COIRA (the Coalition of International Radon Associations). The aim of the project is to compare radon measurement results obtained by the world’s leading monitoring institutions in the field of radiation protection. The project started in August 2018 and will run for two years. “This is a…
David Hällström
March 22, 2019

Finland ahead of the rest of Europe

-Radon measurement in the workplace is commonplace  It’s not just in school education that Finland is ahead of the rest of Europe. When it comes to measuring radon in workplaces, they are a step ahead there too. Measuring radon in Finnish workplaces has been commonplace for a number of years for Radonova’s partner Suomen radonhallinta.   Even before the new Radiation…
Karl Nilsson
March 13, 2019

Radonova makes first delivery of radon detectors to Africa

Radonova’s first project on the African continent. Swedish Radonova Laboratories has received an order from the IAEA for radon detectors to monitor radon in Cameroon. The contract is not only for the delivery of detectors, but also for the analysis of radon samples. As a result, Radonova is delivering materials and services for use on the African continent for the…
Darren Cottom
March 4, 2019